Introduce the Sorts of Literature Reviews

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Any undergraduate dissertation is incomplete without a literature review. Or you can also get an assignment to complete a literature review on a given topic.

Simply, as the name suggests, a literature review is the type of task that requires you to research, study and evaluate the available demonstration speech ideas on a certain topic.

There are many types of literature reviews, each one of them having its own purpose, analysis and approach. Also, it tells the reader that you have grasped an understanding of the topic and you aim to add to the existing research or literature.

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Keep the following purposes of the literature review in mind:

  •         It reviews the literature in the area of your study
  •         It summarizes most of the information in a few paragraphs
  •         It offers a critical analysis of the literature by identifying the gaps and uncovering limitations in the study.
  •         It provides information in a clear and organized manner

If you get stuck in an rhetorical analysis essay, you can simply look for free essays online to get an idea of writing a proper essay. Similarly, you can find several online examples of literature reviews to have a basic idea of what it is.

Some of the more common sorts of literature reviews are as follows:

Types of Literature Review 

As you begin your literature review, always mention the type of review you are going to use and the reasons for that to clarify your reader. Remember! The type of review must be based on your topic and area of study.

Traditional or Narrative Literature Review 

This is the most common type of literature review and it summarizes the body of literature. The narrative review not only summarizes the previous work on the same topic but also offers a critical analysis but highlighting the gaps in the body of knowledge.

Keep in mind, to conduct a narrative review, you need a focused research question.  

Argumentative literature review

As the name suggests, this literature review scans the literature to support or refute an argument, or a philosophical issue or assumption. When it comes to essay format of the argumentative literature review, there is a high potential for bias.

Systematic literature review

Now, this type of literature review requires you to adopt a more well-defined approach in comparison with the other types of literature reviews. It is more comprehensive and also includes the timeframe in which the literature is chosen.

It generally takes two forms, meta-synthesis, and meta-analysis.

  •         Meta-synthesis relies on non-statistical techniques. It incorporates, assesses, and interprets findings of different research studies that have used the qualitative approach. This approach is generally adopted when an inductive research approach is used.
  •         When a researcher uses a meta-analysis approach, they take findings from different studies based on the same subject. Typical statistical methods are used to analyze these findings. Now, this approach is used when using deductive reasoning.  

Integrative literature review reviews

This type of review basically critiques available literature in such a way that new frameworks and perspectives are generated on a certain topic.

One thing to keep in mind is, this approach relies on secondary data. Thus, if your research does not involve primary research, go for an integrative literature review and cause and effect essay.

Theoretical literature review

It focuses on a group of theories that have been gathered with respect to a topic, a concept or a phenomenon.  It is important to highlight what theories already exist on a topic and if there is an underlying relationship between them with the aim to develop a new hypothesis.

That’s pretty much all about the literature review types. Always choose the one carefully and one that best suits your study. 


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