History of the game of Solitaire

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Solitaire has about seven hundred species, of which about three hundred have been distributed generation after generation. The rest was invented by computer programmers. To try some varieties, come to us to play diamond for free. We are always happy to see you in our online resource.

Moreover, we offer other equally interesting and popular entertainment. The site has collections with a large number of applications of different genres. Here you will find arcades, "shooters", board, logic, strategy, sports and much more. For your convenience, there is also the option to download flash applications. Card entertainment will be fun even without internet access.

Thousands of games, different genres, good graphics and sound accompaniment - all this is available online. And if you do not have constant access to the Web, download the offline version. The content of the site is updated every day. Want to play solitaire for free, please?

Boys, girls, parents, for everyone there are suitable "shooter", puzzles and "RPG games". All you need is a tuned flash player. You can play free solitaire card games at any time. Develop logic, perseverance and attention. You can also complete our collection by adding a game. And even make money on it. Join us and see how fun it is. It is always interesting to play a diamond with us.

There is probably no person in the world who has not at least once presented solitaire! Cards have a magical effect on a person - they relax, make them believe and even trust their destiny. Solitaire as such is hard to call a game. This is a kind of puzzle that can go wrong, or maybe not.  They say that before asking one or the other solitaire, you should make a wish or ask a question that implies a short answer (yes or no). If solitaire is easily decomposed, the wish will become real, and accordingly, the answer to the question will be positive. If you can not overcome the magic cards, then everything happens exactly the opposite.

Solitaire is believed to have come from France. Once in the time of the reign of Louis XIII, when there were many prisoners and inmates, he gained popularity. As you know, the diamond is cast by one person (though there are some options where you can play together). The prisoner, being in captivity, spent his days. And it is the prisoners who are considered the inventors of solitaire games. Of course, then this game spread everywhere, penetrating the homes of peasants and ordinary palaces. Everyone loved it in their way. New lines began to appear, which had already been invented by senior officials.

Modern Solitaire - this is a flash game, however, the monitor has the same rules - you have to define the cards according to certain conditions to get the final result - the cards fully defined. Depending on the type of diamond, its rules also vary.

Today, the most popular card games are considered "spider" and "scarf". However, the notion that the diamond flash list ends in this is wrong! There are a large number of such games. Some of them are simpler, and some do not lend themselves to appearances even for the hundredth time!

Many argue that playing the Spider Solitaire 4 Suits is a great way to calm your nerves. If you are upset, worried about something, you need to spread the sun and get confused. When you do not constantly think about the problem, when the brain is distracted by negative thoughts and becomes clear, the right solution is immediately found. Moreover, this is an attractive enigma that will once again make you work out your logic and quick wit.

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