Spy on your child's phone: pros, cons

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All parents want to make sure their child is safe, and it can make you wonder if you should spy on your child's phone. If you know what's going on your kid's phone, you can learn a lot about their life and make sure they aren't in a dangerous situation.

 Parents must be particularly vigilant concerning content prohibited for children which are accessible in 1 click on the internet. If you can monitor them when they are using a computer at home, it is much more difficult to know what they are doing when they are using their phone. That is why freephonespy, software has been developed to help you spy on your child's phone, and many parents use spy apps to monitor their children.

Should you spy on your kid's phone?

However, there are some drawbacks to using appspy software, and some parents don't like to use it. If you're not sure if you should spy on your kid's phone, read this list of pros and cons. We must also not forget that this software has a certain cost, which is why more and more parents are looking to find a free one.


Location monitoring 

One of the main advantages of monitoring your kid's phone with a free phone spy app is that you can see their location anytime. This is very important to many parents because they are concerned about the safety of their child when he is not at home. If you haven't heard from them and they've passed curfew, you can check to see if they're on their way home and if they're late.

It also allows you to see if they are lying about their whereabouts. They may say that they are studying at the library or that they are late for school, but they can also be at a friend's house. One can then wonder why they lied. Knowing where they are can help you find out if they are dishonest. 

Location monitoring helps you give your child more independence in some ways. If you had no way of knowing where they are going, you might be reluctant to let them go out on their own because you fear for their safety. But if you can track their location, that reassures you and you can give them more freedom. 

Verification of visited sites

Accessing X sites is a big deal for kids who own a phone. You can't always tell what they're doing on the phone when you're not around. This means that young children can access pornographic sites or other content that is prohibited for them. But if you use a mobile spy app to spy on your child's phone and control their access, you can block any sites they shouldn't be visiting. 

Message tracking 

Being able to read your child's text messages can be very important in some situations. For example, if a child is the target of a paedophile and does not understand the situation, parents can stop it and contact the police immediately. But if the child's phone was not monitored, it could easily go unnoticed. 

Against spying on the phone

Impact on your relationship with your child 

The major downside to using phone spy free software to spy on your kid's phone is that it can have a big impact on your relationship with them. If he feels like you don't trust and respect him, he won't give you the same trust and respect in return. Many children will also feel that this is an invasion of their privacy and that it is unwarranted, which can have a big impact on your relationship with them. 

Your child might remove software 

Let's face it, your kid is probably more tech-savvy than you are. This means that there is a good chance that your child will be able to remove the software that you have installed on their phone. Detecting spyware is not a difficult task for tech-savvy children. 

Should you spy on your child's phone?

In some cases, using software to spy on your child's phone is a good thing and can help keep them safe. But it is important that you consider the downsides when deciding whether to use this kind of software or not.


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