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Pollution needs no definition. Every child and adult on this planet know about the pollution and its harmful effects on the environment. But the luxury we enjoy had made it hard on us to let go of the habits that lead to depletion of environment. Those who trade their permanent freedom for temporary luxury deserves neither. It is high time we understand that. Pollution can be done through water as well as air. To list out the harmful effects of pollution one could easily write a million pages. And it is certain that it is the acts of humans only that lead to increase in pollution.


State Pollution Control Board

Pollution is a serious concern and it is high time we take into consideration the harmful effects of pollution to our environment and in furtherance of such concern State Pollution Control Board were implemented in every state who guide and help the government against the policies that put the environment under harm. State Pollution Control Board also provides the pollution certificate that is helpful and requisite in pursuance of many other activities like

  • establishment of any new or to continue as industries already existing
  • Electricity connection; whether applying for a new one or change in existing one
  • Water connection; whether applying for a new one or changing the existing one
  • Renewing or procuring a license from Municipal Authority
  • Police/ Eating House License; whether applying for new license or renewing the existing one
  • Procuring No Objection Certificate from Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA)
  • Procuring No Objection Certificate from the Fire Department
  • License for International Trade

Apart from these activities, there are certain other objectives of State Pollution Control Board. Objectives of State Pollution Control Board includes (i) recommending state Government on any matter in regards of prevention and control of air and water pollution and also on improvement of quality of air. (ii) Organize consumer awareness campaigns through the mass media for the prevention and regulation of air and water emissions and waste management. (iii) The collection, compilation and preparation of technical and statistical data on air and water pollution. (iv) set the benchmark for sewage and commercial waste and pollution from power facilities, vehicles and the Health Care Establishment. (v) To further develop emerging methods for the treatment of wastewater, commercial waste and control devices. (vi) issuance of a certificate of consent to sectors in various types, such as Orange, Green and White. (vii) Issuance of various Waste Authorization like bio-medical, hazardous, plastic, battery and e-waste for industries and health care facilities.

How to get a Pollution Certificate Online

It is their responsibility to check all the activities that lead to depletion of the environment by way of water or air pollution have a pollution certificate prior of commencing that business. If you have this question, ‘how to get a pollution certificate online’? Then here is your answer. State Pollution Control Board has made their procedure online. Now procuring a pollution certificate would not need the physical presence of the applicant in the department. Anyone willing to obtain a certificate can file online and obtain a certificate online. It includes uploading the requisite documents and the prescribed fee by the authority. This may sound easy but isn’t, on the contrary, it is a lot more work that creates hassles and you may confer loss of fee or penalties. One can take the help of professionals in consultancy and advisory of these certificates. 

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