Heart Chakra Meditation: Meditation Ideas to Open Your Heart

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Do you feel like your heart chakra is blocked? Do you need help to open it up? Follow these heart chakra meditation tips to heal it.


Opening the heart chakra leads one to acceptance—of oneself and of others. It is the fourth energy point in the body, and a complicated one to understand. The heart chakra represents transformation and integration.

There are seven chakras in the body: three lower, three upper, and then the heart connecting them. Opening it allows a bridge to form, and energy to flow more freely.

Heart chakra meditation is a great way to achieve this effect. Keep reading for tips on healing your heart chakra.

Understanding the Heart Chakra

The symbolism for the heart chakra is made up of 12 petals around a circle. Inside that circle is a six-pointed star or hexagram.

The hexagram is made up of 2 triangles, one facing up and the other facing down. They represent the divine feminine and masculine working together in harmony, for every person has both within them.

This harmony can also be found in Kundalini Awakening. This awakening, or harmony, starts with the root chakra, works its way to the sacral, and then to the solar plexus chakras, and finally into the heart chakra.

Today we are focusing on the heart chakra.

What Causes Heart Chakra Blockage?

As we grow and experience life, negativity and trauma build up--blocking our figurative heart space.

Someone with an unbalanced heart chakra may experience loss of self in relationships. They may lack boundaries or are afraid to say no. They love in a suffocating way.

An unbalanced heart chakra can even bring on physical ailments circulatory problems, poor circulation or numbness, stiff joints, and even joint problems in the hands.

Balancing this chakra will bring freedom and radiance.

Someone with a balanced heart chakra will feel comfortable in their body and radiate an easygoing peace, according to Mindvalley, no matter the circumstance.

Achieving Balance in the Heart Chakra

You can achieve balance most easily through heart chakra affirmations and meditation.

Affirmations are short sentences or phrases you repeat to invite a desired energy into your life. They can be written or spoken out loud. You can find them online or create them yourself.

The main goal in their use to help you move forward. They have to be personal to you and comforting as you repeat them.

Mantras are similar but are usually chanted or said during meditation.

You can use affirmations at any point in the day. You can plant the intention of that affirmation into a crystal or piece of jewelry you're wearing and think of it whenever it's looked at.

Through the Phases has a list of 20 affirmations, but here are a few examples.

"I release and let go of all resentment."

"I am worthy of the purest love."

"It is safe for me to love and be loved."

Heart Chakra Meditation 

Meditation can be as simple as sitting down with your intention and breathing, or as vast and intricate as you allow. Comfort is the most important thing.

Since opening the heart chakra is heavy work, preparation can be key.

Picking a location is the first, and most important, step. Whether you're inside or outside, laying out a blanket, sitting on a cushion or chair can help you feel more comfortable.

Listening to music or dimming the lights can be relaxing as well. Take some headphones if you're outside, and meditate at a certain time of day to achieve the desired effect.

For example, meditating at sunrise could help you set a scene for your heart chakra opening. Meditating at sunset could paint a picture of peace—not closing. 

Lighting candles—especially green ones—sets an ambiance (keep in mind the candles can be any color). Essential oils are helpful as well. Vanilla, jasmine, and rose essential oils can stimulate the area, according to Daily Life, and aid in the healing of your heart chakra.

Crystals can aid in preparation as well. Green and pink are most resonant with the heart chakra. Malachite and rose quartz are great to hold while you meditate. Focus on inviting in love and peace while doing so.

It's also a good idea to keep protection around you. Daily Life suggests a labradorite crystal, but clear quartz, onyx, or black tourmaline are also great options.


Once you've chosen a spot and set the scene for your meditation, choosing a heart chakra mantra is a helpful next step.

A mantra is similar to an affirmation in the sense that it is a short phrase you repeat to invite a certain energy into your life.

The difference here is, one is repeated or chanted during meditation, and one is said at any time it's needed.

You can find heart chakra mantras, or you can create your own. They can have the same meaning as your affirmations to make things cohesive but can be made simpler to remember during meditation.

Instead of, "I release and let go of all resentment." Your mantra could be, "I choose to let go."

During meditation, you would breathe in, say or think, "I choose to let go," and then exhale those resentments.

"It is safe for me to love and be loved," becomes "I am safe here."

"I am worthy of the purest love" becomes, "I am worthy of love."


If you are seeking a guided meditation, there are options.

The Flame of the Heart meditation asks you to picture a flame in the middle of the cave of your heart. Visualize the flame burning steadily as you settling into rhythmic breathing.

This meditation script can be easily recorded and listened to any time you sit down to meditate.

Benefits of Heart Chakra Opening

Heart chakra meditation brings with it a variety of benefits.

While it may take a long time before you feel lighter, brighter, and worthy of true, unconditional love, it's still worth the work.

May you take these tips and work with them wisely. Visit us if you have any questions or would like to know more about our organization.

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