Service and Fellowship: 5 Church Growth Strategies That Actually Work

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Worried that not enough people attend your church on a regular basis? Follow these church growth ideas to boost your attendance.

Roughly half of all Americans belong to a church. That number has dropped over the past 20 years, but it's possible that many people attend church without becoming a member. 

Growing a church and getting people to officially join takes some effort. There are many obstacles that keep people away like other obligations and access to a church.

Figuring out how to grow a church and get people invested is important to keep your church alive and thriving. 

Does your church attendance seem to vary significantly from week to week? Follow these church growth ideas to boost your attendance.

How to Grow Your Church

Churches have several aspects of attendance to address. How do you keep active church members engaged? How do you attract newcomers and infrequent attendees? How do you reconnect with those who have strayed?

Let's take a look at these church growth strategies.

1. Use Social Media 

Make use of social media to give potential churchgoers a taste of what to expect when attending your church services. Share clips of your worship time or parts of an inspiring sermon. 

Without having to physically go from church to church, people at home can get a sneak peek at how things work at your church. 

2. Create a Warm, Welcoming Environment

If newcomers do not feel welcome, they will not return the following week. Do you have a greeter to direct new visitors to the correct entrance? Do other members welcome newcomers? Do they make them feel like they belong? Does the pastor or someone in the congregation encourage newcomers to come back? 

3. Programs That Cater to Young People 

When church services have no relevance to young people, they become detached and discontinue going when it becomes their choice to make. 

Spend the time and resources to develop programs that get young people excited about your worship. Give them leadership roles so that Christianity becomes part of who they are. 

They'll be excited about being a part of something and will likely share their excitement with friends and family.  

4. Be a Part of the Community

Get involved in your community with volunteer work. Get groups of volunteers together to collect food for the needy, clean up a local park, or organize a community-wide event. 

When potential churchgoers see your church as part of the larger community, it's likely they'll want to join as well. 

5. Follow Up 

Follow up with newcomers after their visit. Have them fill out a card or go to your website and give feedback on their visit. Follow up by asking what they liked or did not like. Invite them back next Sunday. 

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Which Church Growth Strategies Will You Try? 

Now that you've learned about 5 church growth strategies, which ones will you employ to grow your congregation? 

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