Getting A Gay Sugar Daddy Can Be Easy

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It can be frustrating to date a gay sugar daddys if you want to get laid. Most straight guys don't care for sugar daddies because they see them as too effeminate for their tastes. But the truth is that sugar daddies have the same needs and wants as any other guy out there.


If you want to get laid, here are some tips for guys on how to approach and date a gay sugar daddy:


  • Be welcoming. Most gay men like the idea of getting aroused. They just want someone to appreciate them and enjoy their company. So, be a thoughtful and fun companion. Don't be intimidated by his length or girth. A gay man enjoys it just as much when you show him your softer side.
  • Know what he wants. Being a sugar daddy can give you loads of insight into his sexual desires. If he wants to watch porn with you, find it so that you can pleasure him as well. If he wants a threesome, you should know how to please him sexually.
  • Get to know his family and background. Gay sugar babies often have sugar daddies from the same family. If you're meeting a gay sugar baby, ask him about his relatives. He might not even be aware that his family is part of a gay relationship. It's an interesting experience and it will open his eyes to more sexual possibilities.
  • Make him feel comfortable. Once you've made it clear that you want a sugar daddy, it's time to make him comfortable in your company. Find out his sexual interests and try to figure out if he'll let his conservative side get in the way. If you two are on the same page, he'll be more willing to date you.
  • Make him jealous. Sugar babies love, jealousy, so don't be too hard on him. If you do, he might start to think you're only interested in getting married and settling down. If he sees that you're already planning your life, he'll be turned off and he'll probably think he can move up in the relationship.
  • Make him jealous that you two are already going out. Jealousy is a huge turn-on for many gay men and if you two are already seeing each other, he'll be looking for more opportunities. So, don't be too hard on him. Just play hard to get up a bit and let him see that you two are already good friends. Sugar babies love friends so much, that if you two spend some time just hanging out together, he'll be converted.
  • Get involved with his circle of friends. If he is open to it, then you might want to introduce him to other gay sugar babies. It's not uncommon for gay sugar babies to go out on dates with other sugar babies, but sometimes their parents aren't comfortable with that. Be a good friend and try to introduce him to other people in the gay community.
  • Let him see some pictures of you two. Let your sugar daddy see pictures of you two in bed together, and even better, get him to see some pictures of you without your clothing on. This will definitely get his attention.


If your sugar daddy is resistant to meeting you somewhere and there are lots of women in his life, don't push him.

He'll only get more agitated and it won't be fair to you if he lets his resistance to hold him back from being with you. He'll only hate you, which won't help with your goal to get a gay sugar daddy.


Ask your gay sugar daddy about things that he likes to do or watches on TV, and talk about the best shows or movies. Talk about common interests, and about his dreams of going on vacation or spending time with his buddies on the beach.


Never ever try and force your gay sugar daddy to meet anyone else on a free dating website. If he feels trapped, he'll never feel free enough to start dating anyone, let alone someone who isn't right for him. If he does get along with other men, he'll always keep a distance, and he won't feel comfortable with you. Don't make this harder than it has to be, by keeping an open mind and allowing your sugar daddy to come to terms with his decision.

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