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A Micro Switch is a small, very delicate switch which requires minimum compression to activate. They are very common in house home equipment and switch panels with small buttons. They are sometimes cheap and have a long life meaning they will function for a long time - typically as much as ten million cycles.

Because they're dependable and delicate, micro switches are often used as a security device. They are used to stop doorways from closing if one thing or somebody is in the way in which and different purposes similar.

How does a Micro Switch Work?

Micro Switches have an actuator which, when depressed, lifts a lever to move the contacts into the required position. Micro switches often make a “clicking” sound when pressed this informs the consumer of the actuation.

Micro switches typically include fixing holes so that they can be simply mounted and secured into place. Because they're such a simple switch they require virtually no maintenance they usually hardly ever want replacing because of their lengthy life.
Benefits of Using Micro Switches

As stated above, the principle advantage of using a micro switch is their inexpensiveness, together with their long life and low upkeep. Micro Switches are also versatile. Some micro switches offer a safety rating of IP67 which implies they're proof against mud and water. This permits them to work in situations where they are uncovered to dust and water and they're going to still function appropriately.  

Applications for Micro Switches

The Micro Switches we are able to supply are commonly utilized in house appliance purposes, building, automation and security functions. For instance:

- Push buttons for alarms and name points

- Turning devices on surveillance cameras

- Triggers to alert if a device is dismounted

- HVAC purposes

- Access control panels

- Elevator buttons and door locks

- Timer controls

- Washing machine buttons, door locks and water level detection

- Air conditioning units

- Refrigerators - ice and water dispensers

- Rice cookers and microwave ovens - door locks and buttons.

Home Applications

Micro switches are additionally used for purposes within residence home equipment. These embrace:

Washing Machines– Micro switches are used at the energy provide to turn the machine off/on, they're used for detecting switching power, angle of drums and filter. They will detect the door open-shut standing and are used on the control panel buttons. Inside the washing machine micro switches are additionally used for detecting the water stage.

Refrigerators – micro switches are used within fridges on the ice and water dispenser, they'll detect if the ice maker is in the correct position.

Air Conditioning Units – Micro switches can detect if the door panels on air-con items are closed. They can detect the angle of the louvers and are additionally used as reset buttons on the gadget.

Rice Cookers and Microwave Ovens – within rice cookers, micro switches are used for detecting the open/shut standing of the duvet. And within microwave ovens they are often used as safety brief switches. In each microwave ovens and rice cookers, micro switches are used for management panel switches.

Our micro switches come from our provider Unionwell Russia and can be found from China They are available a range of sizes with completely different connections relying on your application. Many of them provide UL/cUL and ENEC certification to be used in a wide range of industries. If you want to more data on Micro Switches check out our Micro Switches page https://www.unionwellrussia.com.

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